The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

27 April 2005

He had a better idea

Alexander Trotman, the last man not named Ford to serve as chairman of Ford, has died in England at seventy-one.

Trotman assumed the top spot in 1993 and moved to implement a plan to integrate Ford's North American and European operations, ultimately saving the company $5 billion. He retired at the end of 1998, and his heir apparent, Jac Nasser, was given only the CEO title, with William Clay Ford Jr. assuming the chairmanship.

The one thing I remember most vividly about Alex Trotman was his appearance on Michael Moore's TV Nation series, in which Moore, as part of his ongoing CEO Corporate Challenge, dared Trotman to change the oil in a Ford truck on camera. Trotman, never one to fear getting his hands dirty, did exactly that.

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