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27 April 2005

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The Forbes list of the most expensive ZIP codes in the country, to no one's surprise, is heavily loaded with New York and California locations. (94027 — Atherton, California — is at the very top; the median home price in Atherton in 2004 was a startling $2,496,553.)

I did run down the entire list of 150 in the hopes of finding something starting with a 7, and found one: 72201, in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. Little Rock? I might have believed Bentonville, full of Wal-Lords, maybe, but Little Rock? Yet there it is, with a median home price of $801,500, good for 148th place. [The preceding has been, um, rendered inoperative; see Comments.] (Where are the Texans, fercryingoutloud?)

And if you want to live around my neck of the woods, the price of entry runs a modest $96,226.

Posted at 4:16 PM to Dyssynergy

Little Rock -- isn't that the place with the $10 million doublewide?

Posted by: McGehee at 5:47 PM on 27 April 2005

Yep it is.

I'm not too surprised at Little Rock. There's quite a few fancy estates there. Not to mention real estate's at a premimium in certain neighborhoods.

If I had to guess, I'd say the average price of a home here was around $200K. There's not that many outrageously expensive houses, mostly because that kind of thing is frowned on by the local culture.

200 acre 'farms' & $100K tractors yes. Big fancy houses no.

Posted by: rita at 6:48 PM on 27 April 2005

Where are the Texans, fercryingoutloud?

We're too busy putting all our spare change into Hummers. And Hummer gas tanks.

Posted by: Eric at 10:12 PM on 27 April 2005

Now dispayed at the bottom of the pages:

Editor's note: Owing to an error in the data, a previous version stated that 72201, in Little Rock, Ark., ranked 148 in the 150 Most Expensive ZIP Codes. A correction has been made. The new 148 is 10128 in Manhattan.


Posted by: david at 10:12 PM on 27 April 2005

Well, I'll be dipped in [fill in name of unwanted substance].

Posted by: CGHill at 10:20 PM on 27 April 2005

I did, out of curiosity, dial over to, where I learned that there are some condos under construction in 72201 that do actually approach these lofty price points.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:29 AM on 28 April 2005