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28 April 2005

Let's live for today

Two items in snailmail today, and both of them highlight the same word.

Addressed to "the weed puller":

Oklahoma's Largest Lawn Care Company — Since 1977
Offering more FREE services than any other lawn care company.

And, addressed to my actual name:

You have been selected to represent Oklahoma City, OK in the 2005 Grassroots Survey of Democratic Leaders. Survey documents registered in your name are enclosed.

Assuming there's something to this synchronicity business, I slapped on a Grass Roots compilation and tossed both items. (The Democratic survey, to its credit, seemed less doctrinaire than some I've seen; there are actually three options on some questions instead of two.)

All together now:

We were never meant to worry, the way that people do,
And I don't need to hurry, as long as I'm with you....

Posted at 5:26 PM to General Disinterest

If there's anything to that "synchronicity" business, it would only follow that the next CD would have been by The Police. :)

Posted by: unimpressed at 5:36 PM on 28 April 2005

Some sort of Sting operation, perhaps?

Posted by: CGHill at 5:47 PM on 28 April 2005

I guess I deserved that.....

Posted by: unimpressed at 7:19 PM on 28 April 2005