The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

29 April 2005

A Great Truth discovered

Saint Paul explains:

Reading the ticket, the consequences for pleading GUILTY and WAIVING MY RIGHTS to a trial (do they really have to phrase everything is such Constitutionally apocalyptic terms?), is an ice cold 120 bones for going 11-14 MPH over the posted limit. Interesting to note, the penalty for 15-20 MPH in excess is $130. A mere 8% increase in penalty for a 31% increase in speed. Kids, the broader lessoned learned from this is to never travel 76 MPH in a 65 zone when 85 will do.

This wisdom, applied to Oklahoma City:

speeding up to 10 mph over limit — 161.00
speeding 11-19 mph over limit — 192.00
speeding 20 mph over limit — 202.00

Assuming a 65-mph speed limit (say, the Lake Hefner Parkway), you have to be doing at least 77.5 to break even, and on Saturday afternoon, you probably are.

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