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30 April 2005

You could call it "anti-choice"

Dr David Gelernter explains in the Los Angeles Times why Democrats have such a hard time with vouchers for education:

Vouchers let you decide where to spend tax money to educate your children. You give the voucher to any public or private school; it's your call. But Democrats worry that (among other things) too many parents will spend their vouchers at a local Obedience School for Little Nazis or the neighborhood Witchcraft Academy. That's what they think of their fellow citizens. That's what they think of you!

Now some readers will say, hold on, be fair! Democrats only oppose vouchers because the teachers unions ordered them to. Agreed, teachers unions are a big factor in every major decision a good Democrat makes, starting with what cereal to have for breakfast. But Democrats also oppose vouchers out of honest conviction. They are honestly convinced that ordinary Americans don't have the brains to choose a school for their own kids.

Actually, I think they might go for the Witchcraft Academy. But the K-6 program at the First Church of the Gooey Death and Discount House of Worship, no freaking way.

Now vouchers for anything else, not a problem (cf. Section 8). But schools? "A brazen piece of deceit." Go figure.

(Via Joanne Jacobs.)

Posted at 9:39 AM to Political Science Fiction

The problem with vouchers is that they will cause private schools to become more like government schools, not the other way around.

Education tax credits, with money given or paid to public schools eligible as well as given or paid for private or homeschool education, are far preferable.

Posted by: Chris at 4:44 PM on 2 May 2005

obviously I don't speak for the democrats, but I find this explanation just a bit silly. I'm opposed to vouchers because of the mess they will create. Not because I want to deny people choice.

Funny though, that in his article Gelernter uses the phrase "how could anyone..." followed later on by a rant about how Democrats think people are stupid. Was it intentionaly ironic? Was this meant to be satire? Otherwise how can this professor of computer science honestly point out that the "problem" with the Democrats is that they are all professors who think they are smarter than everyone else?

Hoo ha.. you almost had me there!

Posted by: bruce at 6:13 PM on 2 May 2005

Actually, I thought I was smarter than everyone else long before I became a Democrat. :)

I'm not convinced that they'll create that much chaos, but I'm reasonably sure it won't be the simple here's-your-card business that some of the voucher advocates seem to think.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:10 PM on 2 May 2005

"First Church of the Gooey Death" - it's been years since I've heard anyone else make reference to that! My family spent some time in the "Gold Buckle of the Bible Belt" a few decades ago.

My father had some interesting stories about the radio station wars they had there - he wasn't involved, but he knew people.

Posted by: wheels at 10:53 PM on 2 May 2005