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30 April 2005

Finishing off the Sixties

Mid-60s Mania, Volume 3Decades do not necessarily conform to the calendar; neither are they required to last ten years. For me, the Sixties run from November 1963, a month marked by both JFK's death in Dallas and the first time I got to use double digits in my age, to May 1969, when I ran out of classes to take in high school. This is not a particularly intuitive definition, unless you happen to be me, which you don't, so when I started doing Sixties mix tapes (of which there are sixteen, currently halfway through conversion to CD, by which is meant that I did Volume 8 last night instead of getting a reasonable amount of sleep), I branded them with the curious tag "Mid-60s Mania," perhaps more accurate despite its divergence from my actual intentions, though I'd be hard-pressed to explain otherwise how the spring of 1969 is close to halfway through even the chronological decade.

Had there been iPods in 1980, this is what would have been on Michele's; I've gone back through the 1969 charts to see what I would have been listening to most avidly on the radio (since I had no tape gear then) or buying on vinyl. In approximate order of release date, allowing for the usual delays to get on the air, this is what I was listening to right before gown-and-tassel time:

22 March:
Cream: "Badge"
Donovan: "Atlantis"
The Friends of Distinction: "Grazing in the Grass"
The Guess Who: "These Eyes"
The Neon Philharmonic: "Morning Girl"
The Who: "Pinball Wizard"

29 March:
The Grass Roots: "The River Is Wide"
Mercy: "Love (Can Make You Happy)"
The Meters: "Cissy Strut"
Simon and Garfunkel: "The Boxer"
Sly and the Family Stone: "Stand!"
Tammy Wynette: "Singing My Song"

5 April:
The Hollies: "Sorry Suzanne"
Mary Hopkin: "Goodbye"

12 April:
Marvin Gaye: "Too Busy Thinking About My Baby"
The Edwin Hawkins Singers: "Oh Happy Day"
Mason Williams: "Greensleeves"

19 April:
Creedence Clearwater Revival: "Bad Moon Rising"
Elvis Presley: "In the Ghetto"
Three Dog Night: "One"

26 April:
The Beatles: "Get Back"
The Brooklyn Bridge: "Welcome Me Love"
Sonny Charles and the Checkmates Ltd.: "Black Pearl"
1910 Fruitgum Company: "Special Delivery"

At the top of the charts for much of this period was the 5th Dimension's Hair medley, "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In," which I didn't much like. Of course, that summer someone spun Led Zeppelin for me, which opened up some new musical horizons, but by then the whole world had changed anyway.

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