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6 May 2005

Meanwhile, we get the Lincoln Zephyr

I don't know which of these is the most upsetting:

  1. The fact that Ford of Australia has come up with a reincarnation of the Ranchero;

  2. The fact that it's called the F6 Tornado, making light of the very Fujita scale that controls our springs and falls here in the Wind Zone;

  3. The fact that they're not going to bring any of them over here.

(Via Jalopnik.)

Posted at 3:00 PM to Driver's Seat

At least it's not the Mercury Mistress.

Posted by: timekeeper at 11:34 PM on 6 May 2005

Speaking of Mercury, for decades Car and Driver complained in their annual New Car Issue that there was no de Sade package for the Marquis.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:03 AM on 7 May 2005