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9 May 2005

Google: the great equalizer

According to the old small-p proverb, "The words you speak today should be soft and tender...for tomorrow you may have to eat them."

With the rise of the Net, you may not even have to wait for tomorrow, and someone will be more than happy to shove them back down your throat.

Scenario: North Dakota high-school senior bashes the yearbook faculty advisor on some Xanga site. Said advisor's daughter discovers the post and reproduces it on her blog, with, um, recommendations to the student.

Just one brief passage:

I'm still so impressed by your assertiveness and your take-charge take-this-spoon-and-shove-it attitude. You'll enjoy your career of supersizing meals for customers.

In a different world, this kid would be painting "Romani ite domum" on the walls of the city. For now, he's just going to be screaming for a sitz bath.

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I'm trying to figure out which is lamer...

Being on yearbook staff...

Or, hunting down children you've never met to insult them, because they don't like your mom.

Posted by: aldahlia at 1:38 PM on 9 May 2005

I come down squarely on the side of humiliating children. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 1:48 PM on 9 May 2005

Actually, aldahlia, I have met the "children" (a.k.a. 18 year-old adults). It's a small community, my mother and I are friends with some of their parents, and I've subbed at that school (which is also the school I attended and know the teachers that are being made fun of in other posts) and have dealt with these little twits. Believe me, this is a long time in coming for a bunch of know-nothing kids who thing they can go off on some power trip and have no reprecussions.

I call it a free ride on the Cluetrain.

Posted by: Julie at 2:12 PM on 9 May 2005

And, internet insults count as "real world" repurcussions?

Posted by: aldahlia at 5:33 PM on 9 May 2005

Actually, yes, aldahlia. Because a teacher at that school reads my blog first thing in the morning, which I knew. Word is out about the subtle threats and insults the students are making towards staff and administration, and there are "real world" results happening as we speak. Serious ones.

You can make fun of me all you want, but if you're a student at a school, you can't make even minor threats towards anyone, staff or other students, post Columbine and Red Lake Falls. And calling your Superintendant a f***er while using a school computer is a pretty poor idea.

I'm just teaching them a little lesson. In real world reprecussions.

Posted by: Julie at 9:36 PM on 9 May 2005

And regarding the deer hunting being relevant, as you mentioned on your blog post, might you consider not knowing the full story?

Our school teaches every student hunter's safety. It was in connection with this class that the idea was considered as a possible. Also, the only telling of the actual incident is through the eyes of one angry student. You have to acknowledge that you do not know what really was going on, and what led up to this scene. You have not heard but one side. My post is one of response to this particularly innaccurate telling, not one of explaining an entire tale.

Posted by: Julie at 10:00 PM on 9 May 2005