The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

10 May 2005

Correcting the oversupply

One of the graffiti at the Old Economists' Home says: "If you want less of something, tax it."

Jeff Jarvis offers some suggestions:

[L]et's tax checkered flannel shirts, polyester suits, car alarms that make 20 obnoxious sounds and never turn off, Dr. Phil, mullets, Britney Spears CDs, bare-midriff tops over size 6, Speedos in any size, magnetic ribbons on the backs of cars in any color, Starbucks orders of more than four words, pop-up ads, tofu, PowerPoint, and gum.

A few of those, I contend, are at least somewhat arguable.

(A blog tax, you say? Bosh.)

Posted at 8:06 PM to Almost Yogurt

Also need to tax spandex pants over size 6. And how about making everyone get weighed once a year and however many pounds they are above the obese line ... tax 'em!

Posted by: Robert at 8:16 PM on 10 May 2005

I'm for taxing columns in which people suggest taxing checkered flannel shirts.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:41 AM on 11 May 2005

I am minded of a brief Python man-in-the-street segment, wherein this haughty fellow declaims: "I would tax Raquel Welch."

And then adds, closer to sotto voce: "And I've a feeling she'd tax me."

Posted by: CGHill at 9:57 AM on 11 May 2005

As someone with an affinity for checkered flannel shirts, I must weigh in.

It may be an acquired taste, but some patterns of said shirts are better than others. I once wore a tasteful such shirt (all mine are tasteful by the way) to a comedy show, sitting at stage side with another flannel clad guy sitting at another table. One out-of-state comedian tagged that ol' boy mercilessly for his attire, while I escaped unscathed.

Also, to show the good character that goes along with an appreciation for flannel, that good 'ol boy took the ribbing very well.

Posted by: MikeH at 1:45 PM on 11 May 2005