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11 May 2005

It stays with you

Saw this on the woefully-underused Oklahoma City craigslist:

I miss snow cones, Robertsons' beef jerky, REAL barbecue, thunderstorms, crickets, 23rd street piercing studio, Gary England's tornado alerts, Garfield's perfect margaritas, Sonic (oh my god! to have a blue coconut slush and some onion rings right now!!!), sweet tea, skinny dipping in shawnee lake, the okc zoo, funnel cakes, Henry Hudson's...

And all my friends and family!!!!

I am somewhat surprised to hear that Sonic hasn't made it to Portland, Oregon yet. And no doubt some people are surprised that it's possible to miss a place like this, especially if you're twenty-four years old; their reaction is closer to this.

On the other hand, I expect some people to be surprised that Oklahoma City has a craigslist, even though I told you back in February, and I was hardly the first to notice it.

Posted at 6:31 AM to City Scene

The closest Sonic to me is about 2 hours away--the only one in the whole of North California, so far as I know. I would *kill* for some cheese tator tots a cherry limeade. Or, for sweet tea--done right. Or, white gravy done right. Or, enchiladas--etc.

Or, a decent thunderstorm.

And, they don't do cicadas out here. Summers without that sound are just strange.


Posted by: aldahlia at 12:55 PM on 11 May 2005

My wife and I got dinner from a Sonic in Fort Worth a few years back; whoever was on the other end of the squawkbox was either hard of hearing or making fun of my McDonald's-trained effort to be as intelligible as possible. And when we got the food back to our hotel (downtown, thus a long drive) it was cold.

There's a Sonic not too far from home though -- maybe I'll give 'em another try.

And I wonder why there are so many clustered in the San Joaquin Valley of California, and the next one north from there is in Yuba City? What -- too good for Sacramento, are they?

Posted by: McGehee at 9:57 PM on 11 May 2005

I'm an OKC native living in Seattle now after several years in Portland, and I second almost all of those misses. Especially the thunderstorms...there's rain here, but it's really not the same.

I was never much of a Sonic's man -- instead, I miss Del Rancho and Long John Silvers.

Posted by: Todd Larason at 2:17 AM on 12 May 2005

I have never been to a Sonic. AFAIK, Sonic doesn't operate in South or Central Florida (south of the I-4 corridor). Sonic doesn't operate (any more) in San Diego. Sonic doesn't have an outlet here in East Podunk, WA. (Judging from Todd's response, they're not in Seattle, either.)

In fact, I have only seen one Sonic in my life, and it was only open for about three months before it closed. There was a Sonic next door to Burger King in Chula Vista, CA, for a short period of time, but it didn't seem to do much in the way of business, and quickly disappeared.

Posted by: timekeeper at 3:47 PM on 14 May 2005