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13 May 2005

Workout, Stevie, workout

Scott Johnson has a nice tribute to Stevie Wonder, who turns fifty-five (is that even possible?) today, and whose catalog of recordings is as bright and brilliant as anyone's: the light that never made it through his eyes obviously penetrated deep into his soul.

In the middle Seventies, Motown issued a series of double and triple LPs encapsulating the careers of some of their top-line acts, under the umbrella title Anthology. Stevie balked. It's not that he objected to these glorified greatest-hits albums; it's simply that he thought Anthology suggested some sort of closure, that it represented a statement that his best work was behind him. After some discussion at the highest level (which is to say, with Berry Gordy Jr. himself), the album was eventually issued as Looking Back. By then, of course, Stevie had already made enough great records to fill up three more LPs.

Everybody say "Yeah!"

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