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14 May 2005

Don't go changing

The Lee Enterprises group has agreed to purchase Pulitzer and its St. Louis Post-Dispatch for $1.46 billion, and one provision of the purchase agreement specifies that Lee will retain the Post-Dispatch's reliably-leftward slant for a minimum of five years, a clause I have to assume was inserted at the request of anguished Pulitzer officials who couldn't bear to see any changes in their beloved paper.

Not that they had to worry, particularly — none of Lee's existing papers have any reputation for rampant conservatism, and Lee doesn't have a habit of dictating editorial policy from the home office — but obviously this was a concern, or Lee wouldn't have bothered to make this assurance in the contract.

I have to wonder if Pulitzer would have fretted so had Lee's headquarters been located in a liberal stronghold like New York or San Francisco, instead of in Davenport, Iowa.

(Via McGehee.)

Posted at 9:20 AM to Almost Yogurt

One wouldn't exactly call Lee papers like the Rapid City (SD) Journal liberal, but after today's editorial on the closure of Ellsworth AFB, they do seem to be acting as though Daddy died and left the estate to his favorite stripper.

BTW, if I were folks around Enid and Altus, I would keep a sharp eye on BRAC proceedings between now and Sep. 8, just in case DOD and the BRAC commission decide to give John Thune a bone and save Ellsworth.

Posted by: Brad S at 3:16 PM on 14 May 2005

Except for the farthest of the far-left, "jobs for the populace" trumps "evil war machine" every time.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:22 PM on 14 May 2005