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17 May 2005

The Church of the Triglycerides

We have a "sick fascination" with weight and health, says Deb, and maybe it's an inevitable by-product of our increasingly-secular age:

I may not be a churchgoer, but I think there's something very healthy about a strong faith in a force that's beyond human control.

I think this is the sickness that we're suffering from, and it becomes worse and worse as we take our faith away from God or fate or whatever you want to call that power and transfer it to humanity: we believe that we can control everything. And I think this is what leads to the viciousness of the current moralizing, which continues to get more and more overwrought the more secular our society becomes.

Emphasis added. We can, I believe, control more than we think we can, but anyone who thinks my first priority for the rest of my life has to be shedding these few extra pounds deserves a pie in the face — not that I'm going to waste a perfectly good pie on some shmendrick's face.

Deb continues:

And oddly enough, this belief has taken on the character of a sort of superstition, and now instead of praying that we'll be blessed with a long life, or making an offering to a goddess or a saint, we diet and run and lift weights and count on that to protect us. Sadly, there is something in the human animal that wants to demand that others must share the same belief system or forever be other, open to demonization.

And that demand remains constant, even as the evidence for it dwindles.

Why, yes, I will have fries with that, thank you.

(Update: Deb follows up here.)

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