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17 May 2005

O horrible Hummer, evil Expedition

The headline here is instructive:

Police search for SUV driver after accident hurts 2 in city

Not just any driver, but an "SUV driver." The story:

Police are searching for the driver of a sport utility vehicle who walked away from a collision that seriously injured a taxicab driver and a passenger.

The SUV apparently crossed the centerline about 9 a.m. Saturday, colliding head-on with a taxicab in the 7800 block of S Western Avenue, Sgt. Gary Knight said. The names of both drivers and the passenger in the taxi were not released.

Knight said the driver and passenger in the taxi were taken to an area hospital in critical condition. The other driver fled the scene on foot, he said.

Wouldn't he be just as culpable had he been in a sedan?

The ongoing demonization of the sport-utility vehicle continues, as Kathleen Parker observes:

I don't expect to clip many news stories that begin: "Hybrid runs down elderly, blind woman."

(Incidentally, this very same Kathleen Parker column was carried in the Sunday Oklahoman; I'm wondering if maybe the staff doesn't read their own paper.)

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A lot of things carried in Saturday's paper wind up in Sunday's as well. Readership of the Sunday edition are many fold over Saturday so duplication would not be as likely detected.

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