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19 May 2005

Radio for people who used to like radio

Way back in the waning days of World Tour '02, I gave a shout-out to what sounded like some superior radio:

[A] salute to WDRV ("The Drive") in Chicago, the only station I've ever heard with the gumption to play both Don Henley's "Dirty Laundry" and the McCoys' "Hang On Sloopy" — and the latter in its 3:45 stereo mix, at that.

The major ailment of Oklahoma City radio — the Incredible Shrinking Playlist — apparently hasn't infected Chicago radio to the same extent. Witness, as Jeff Brokaw has, the new Nine FM:

[T]heir tagline is "we play anything". And so they do.

Recently I've heard, in a span of 15 minutes, sets of music containing both R.E.M. and Donna Summer. Bad Company and Wild Cherry. Beck, Bee Gees, and James Brown.

If any of the professional risk-avoiders who run Oklahoma City radio had the temerity to try something like this, the world would surely judder on its axis.

WRZA, not to be confused with the guy from Wu-Tang, is at 99.9 in Park Forest, Illinois; it has two translators farther north. Pray that they get a Webcast.

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The best part about driving through a bleak downstate Illinois winter on my way back to school was when I got close enough to Chicago to start picking up WXRT. OKC radio, thy name is yuck.

Posted by: Brett at 2:23 PM on 19 May 2005

Brett - Haha, funny that you mention WXRT. Maybe you should read my post that CG linked ;-)

CG - I too listen to WDRV, and they DO have an internet feed. Plus, another feed for "Deep Tracks", which is basically more album cuts. I listen to it nearly every day at work, and rarely get tired of the selections. Pretty good stuff.

And yes I too am waiting for an internet feed for Nine FM.

So things are looking up, radio-wise ...

Posted by: Jeff Brokaw at 2:42 PM on 19 May 2005