The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

22 May 2005


"The Love of My Man" was the sole major hit (#21 in Billboard in 1963) by Theola Kilgore, a gospel singer from Oakland, California — she had been born in Shreveport, Louisiana — who died last Sunday at the age of 79. Written and produced by Ed Townsend, "The Love of My Man," issued on Al Sears' short-lived Serock label, distributed by Scepter/Wand, was one of the classic instances of gospel chords turned to more earthly concerns. Producer/archivist Mick Patrick once summed it up this way:

A gold-plated example of how fluid and accommodating the pop charts of the early 1960s were, the record was as close to black church music as a hit could get without mentioning the "G" word.

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