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23 May 2005

Whirled without end

Here in Oklahoma City, Oklahoman-bashing has been a popular pastime for years; with the death of Edward L. Gaylord, the paper's longtime conservatism has evolved, if that's the word, from blind to bland, but sniping at Fourth and Broadway remains a major topic of conversation, even though the paper hasn't actually occupied that corner for ages.

With the perceived mellowing of the Oklahoman, there's now an opening for Most Hated Newspaper in Oklahoma, though the position might already be filled:

I believe that most democratic peoples of the world are quite capable of creatively dealing with the problems they face if they have access to both sides of the argument through mainstream media sources. This is not the case in the City of Tulsa where our City's only daily newspaper, the Tulsa World, uses the power of its editorial page and slanted news coverage to secretly promote the financial interests of its publisher. From its undisclosed interests in Great Plains Airlines to stifling free and honest Council debate, this paper suppresses democracy and attempts to profit from our City's government. An informed public can make good decisions, but one manipulated for the benefit of the Tulsa World's owners is going to make poor decisions based on inaccurate information. The biggest lie in the World is that this newspaper represents the interests of the citizens of Tulsa.

At least the Oklahoman was (occasionally) open about promoting the financial interests of its publisher.

(Via Steven Roemerman.)

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