The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

23 May 2005


A cooler day (merely the low 90s) than it's been, and the sewer-line crew have made substantial progress: they've now dug 100 feet, maybe a little more. (I estimate 160 total for this segment.) While some of the vines and such around the cottonwood have been excised, the tree itself and the evergreen to its south apparently will be spared entirely, perhaps because they're so close to the gas line that runs nearby. (Of course, if ONG ever has to replace that line, I can kiss those trees goodbye, and well, I draw the line at hugging them.)

So far, no reason to complain, other than the fact that complaining is what I do best.

Posted at 4:26 PM to Surlywood

I disagree, I think it was more like 98 feet two inches.

Posted by: Pee Wee at 4:44 PM on 23 May 2005