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24 May 2005

The GOP locks up the invertebrate vote

Call them the Axis of Feeble.

In other news, the National Football League has announced a rule change: teams with losing records will now only have to gain eight yards for a first down.

Posted at 6:19 AM to Political Science Fiction

Well, I laughed so hard at this I experienced and involuntary bodily function.

In other news, the Chicago Bears have another chance at a Super Bowl win.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe Guy" at 7:23 AM on 24 May 2005

The so-called "moderate" Republicans are pussies...they'll do anything to be loved by the liberal main stream balls no blue chips..this is a stalemate..the war continues

Posted by: paulsmos at 12:46 PM on 24 May 2005