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24 May 2005

The color of your cards

From the "I did not know that" department: A New York survey firm has found that Latino and African-American households tend to carry more credit-card debt than their white counterparts, and the gap is slowly widening.

Are there cultural factors at work here, or is it simply a reflection of relative wealth? (Keep in mind that I'm doing my part for egalitarianism by carrying a debt load that would frighten two or three families of any ethnicity.)

Posted at 8:03 AM to Common Cents

Does that debt load include mortgage and automobile loans; because if it does I'm right beside you.

Posted by: Babs at 10:02 PM on 24 May 2005

My car is paid off. But I've got 28 years and change left on this mortgage, and an incredible amount of plastic.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:13 PM on 24 May 2005