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25 May 2005

Waiting for the break of day

So I roll out of bed at, it says, 6:00, and it's awfully dark, and what's more, the automated voice on the National Weather Service VHF radio service is giving 3 am readings.

After a few minutes of wondering what sort of quantum trickery had taken place, I finally figured it out: the alarm clock was displaying the time for which the alarm was set, rather than the actual time. No problem: just push the slide switch for the correct display.

Which didn't work. The "time" display was stuck at 3:34 am (which, for you music buffs, is about 25 or 6 to 4) and wouldn't budge unless you actually took the wheel and spun it, and even then it wouldn't advance any further.

Curiously, the box was still keeping time. I woke about 5:56, and four minutes later the theme from Morning Edition burst forth. The display still read 3:34.

Oh, well. A $40 alarm clock that lasts for eleven years has presumably earned its eternal rest.

Posted at 7:04 AM to General Disinterest

You've been using one of those flapper-display clocks? In the 21st century!?

Next you'll tell us you still use fire to cook food, instead of radio waves.


Posted by: McGehee at 7:58 AM on 25 May 2005

Actually, it's a green LED display, but it still uses the knob to adjust the time.

I got rid of my last flapper clock in 1994. (And I have an electric range.)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:16 AM on 25 May 2005

Wow, you got rooked. $40 and it only lasted 11 years?

I'm still using the alarm clock I got in high school. Weird, how this post has made me realize the same alarm sound awakened me throughout high school, college, my fourteen careers, and the six years of marriage....

Posted by: Brian J. at 11:07 AM on 25 May 2005

Then you'll be really appalled at my new unit.

It is, I daresay, fiendishly complicated.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:01 PM on 25 May 2005