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25 May 2005

Needles for your balloons

The DVD release of Fearless Freaks, Bradley Beesley's Flaming Lips documentary, elicits some fascinating memories of the band by Lips fan Chase McInerney.

I'll just throw out one paragraph to whet your interest:

It was a great night for non-instruments. [Eugene] Chadbourne played an electrified rake — that's right, a rake — but the Flaming Lips topped him by rolling a motorcycle out on stage and proceeding to rev it repeatedly, over and over, attempting to merge it into their music. Mainly, all it did was fill the cramped dive of a place with exhaust fumes.

Not that this was particularly unusual or anything.

Posted at 7:47 AM to Tongue and Groove

Hey, Charles -
Judging by the "needles" reference, I'm guessing you're familiar with the Lips' less-innocent travails. Thanks for the link, Mr. Hill.

Posted by: Chase at 10:08 PM on 25 May 2005

Got to see the movie at the OMA, and I enjoyed the
fact that Wayne's still not 'star-struck' with his
good fortune. Took video footage, pictures with
him afterwards, and the personal admission to me
that he's still not that good on guitar..

I can't take the entire blame for Wayne's music..

--Just that first, and likely last, guitar lesson..

Posted by: Capt;And at 10:36 AM on 26 May 2005