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26 May 2005

But with a whimper

NPR has put George Voinovich's crying jag into heavy rotation, and the more I hear it, the less I think of it. If I wanted to hear something simultaneously weepy and defiant, I could walk down to the grade school and insult nine-year-old girls.

Now I'm a firm believer in civility and all that. But there's a difference between being civil and being deferential, and being deferential to the UN, as Voinovich evidently so deeply desires, is the practical equivalent of handing over your milk money to a band of schoolyard thugs.

Maybe he'd prefer Michael Bolton at the UN.

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Exhibit 1: George Voinovitch's crying jag yesterday on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

Charles says: "Maybe he'd prefer Michael Bolton at the UN."


Explanation:A caller on Laura Ingraham's sho...

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Not to change the subject, but if you could just
take a time out for a second, do you think that

aldahlia and among the dahlias are related?
(one is still on your blog thing and the other one left.)

They seemed to appear at right around the same time?

Thanks very much for your help in this matter!

Posted by: mary,queen of scots at 1:37 PM on 26 May 2005

No connection between the two. (They're not even in the same state.)

Posted by: CGHill at 2:07 PM on 26 May 2005

Well, gosh, if those are the only choices you give us, I'll have to go with John Bolton, too. Even so, it seems to me there's got to be a moderating influence somewhere between rage-aholic jackass and simpering mouse. I'm holding out for the Michael Bolton character from "Office Space."

Posted by: Chase at 2:08 PM on 26 May 2005

Being somewhat bad-tempered myself, I tend to sympathize with John Bolton, but I'm thinking more in terms of Will Rogers' definition of "diplomacy": "saying 'nice doggie' until you can find a rock." It's about time we got at least a packet of gravel.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:09 PM on 26 May 2005

OK Mary,
Aren't YOU "Among the Dahlias?"

Is this some sort of Jedi Mind Trick?

Posted by: Dan at 2:56 PM on 26 May 2005

Thanks for answering! :)

Listen, the G in your doesn't
stand for Gladiola does it?

Posted by: mary,queen of scots at 2:57 PM on 26 May 2005


Thanks for thinking I still have a mind! Really
awfully neighborly of you! HAHAHAHAHA!

(wipes her eyes) Jedi Mind trick! HAHAHAHAHA!

No, sadly Dan, I don't do Jedi Mind tricks anymore :(

In fact, I've given up turning tricks altogether.

Yes, that was a sad day in Glocamorra, it was.

(looking around for a rope)

Posted by: mary,queen of scots at 3:01 PM on 26 May 2005