The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

26 May 2005

A set for summer

Speak the Language is a three-piece band from Mahopac Falls, New York, and their self-released CD Summer Set has just arrived at my listening post.

It's hard to categorize StL, really: on first hearing, they'd seem to qualify for the dreamy side of power-pop, but their instrumental arrangements work in all manner of textures over and above the guitar-bass-drums basics — "Cool New Mind," for instance, is accented by what sounds like a cross between an ocarina and a theremin — and the woe-is-me stuff that occasionally creeps into lyrics in this genre is conspicuous by its absence. There's a sense of longing here and there, yes, but it never descends into self-pity or nihilism. (Meaning, of course, that I couldn't have written any of these songs.) There's no obvious single here, though "I Found You," the opener, could fill the bill nicely; Summer Set isn't meant to reach out and grab you, but to insinuate itself into your CD changer and stay there as long as possible. Definitely worth your time.

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