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27 May 2005

Dehorning a dilemma

As of the first of May, I was the 392nd-ranked player on BlogShares, with a net worth in the vicinity of B$26 billion. Not too shabby for what began a year and a half ago with a B$500 stake, but not keeping up with the Joneses either; I had reached as high as 102nd, but newer players with newer techniques were passing me by. And I'd been almost smug about it: not for me the artefacts with the cutesy names, the hostile takeovers, any of that stuff. I'd done it all the old-fashioned way: I'd bought low and sold high.

So when one of the high-ranked players wished to unburden himself of his quadrillion or so pseudodollars, I hesitated. For a $5 donation to a charity he specified, he would hand over B$1 trillion. I could certainly use the extra scrip to learn the new high-rolling tricks, but did I really want to learn them? Wasn't I content with what I had built already?

In the end, I rationalized this as "at least it's for a good cause" and forked over ten dollars. The player duly dropped B$2 trillion on me, which moves me up a couple hundred rungs in the standings. But I suspect that for a while, anyway, I'm going to wish that my Total Worth figure had the sort of asterisk that had been attached to Roger Maris' home-run record all those years.

Posted at 11:46 AM to General Disinterest

Well, since you're an 80% owner of my blog how about ponying up 80% of the $2.50 I spend each month?

Or maybe some input on how I can improve my bloginess. Either will suffice

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe Guy" at 1:05 PM on 27 May 2005

Wow, 200 billion to 1. And the Mexicans think they have it bad.

Posted by: Dan at 1:50 PM on 27 May 2005

Improve? Nine years and I'm still on the D-list. I'm the wrong person to ask for advice.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:39 PM on 27 May 2005

Well you could ask me for advice.

I posted a message awhile ago, but it didn't show up
so I'm reposting.

Anyway, as far as the advice goes, I have two people
reading my blog (I'm one of the two ). I haven't been spending too much time on it, because I'm too
cute to be spending so much time inside.

Anyway, to Dwayne the canoe guy, I read your thing
and really thought it was extremely funny, especially about the bagpipers and the open houses.

How come you bought 5 houses all on one street?
You just really liked the neighborhood or what?
Sounds like you're quite the real estate magnate
over there.

Anyway, if anyone wants to ask me a question,
feel free.

Oh. And I always liked that expression, "ponying up."

Over and Out

Posted by: eulalie at 11:35 PM on 27 May 2005

uh... When I say "We have 5 houses for sale on the street." I really mean that there are 5 houses for sale, the "we" being the collective community that is our neighborhood.

& if I was a real estate magnate (as opposed to a fake estate magnate) it could mean that I attract dirt.

(note to self: proofread all post to make them Eulalie-proof)

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 11:42 PM on 27 May 2005

You wouldn't believe how much I am laughing.

Posted by: eulalie at 11:50 PM on 27 May 2005

Besides, if he had four houses, he could have put up a hotel.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:43 AM on 28 May 2005