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27 May 2005

Injunctions in lieu of burning

Last year, a Marion County, Indiana judge ordered that a divorced couple who are both practicing Wiccans may not expose their nine-year-old son to any of the trappings of their belief system, which he complains is "non-mainstream."

The county's Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau apparently advised the judge on this matter, noting that the boy is currently attending a Catholic school.

The boy's father is appealing the pertinent section of the divorce decree. I figure the free-exercise clause of the First Amendment ought to make this a slam-dunk, even in Indiana.

(Via Ed Brayton at In the Agora.)

(Update, 10 am, 28 May: Steph Mineart observes: "I guess getting a divorce in Indiana entitles the courts to dictate how to live your life.)

Posted at 4:20 PM to Immaterial Witness

What a country! Only in America do you have the freedom to upbring your child with any perverse bizarre or screwball belief system....and don't give me any of that cliche' "who's to say what is perverse" crap....If there are no absolutes then I guess it is acceptable to indoctrinate my child to subsist on dead burnt babies all the while goose-stepping and hating all races and peoples except mongoloids living in say, upper volta.

Posted by: paulsmos at 8:40 AM on 28 May 2005

The Free Exercise Clause protects all of us, Paul. Have you ever seen the movie A Man for All Seasons?

In one scene one of the hero's enemies proudly proclaims that to pursue the Devil he would gladly strike down every law in the realm. And the hero replies (paraphrasing), "And when you have struck them all down, and the Devil stops fleeing and turns on you, there will be no laws left standing to protect you. What will you do then?"

Posted by: McGehee at 10:47 AM on 28 May 2005

create new laws in my image, of course!!

Posted by: paulsmos at 10:32 PM on 28 May 2005