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29 May 2005

Buckle up or else

Midwest City police set up a checkpoint on NE 10th between Sooner and Air Depot yesterday, looking for those hardened criminals who don't fasten their seat belts. About six hundred vehicles were pulled over, and 175 tickets were written, mostly for this heinous offense, but sixteen were busted for driving with suspended licenses (real smart, guys) and one actual DWI was picked up. Eleven cars were impounded in the process.

My compliance with the seat-belt law is, and has been for some time, 100 percent. But I am not persuaded that failure to comply with a safety measure is something that ought to be considered an actual crime; people who fall asleep behind the wheel represent a far greater threat to traffic safety, and you don't see any checkpoints looking for them.

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Posted by: Brian J. at 5:44 PM on 29 May 2005

On the one hand, I can't believe people drive around unrestrained - it's a death wish.

On the other, much larger hand, I'm saddened that this is the business of the government. Except - kids should be strapped in, and I have no problem giving tickets to those idiots who let their children STAND in the front seat, directly in front of the passenger airbag.

Posted by: Dan at 10:43 PM on 29 May 2005

I agree with Dan but add this note, when police stop folks for minor infractions (tail-light out, no seatbelt, etc) they have a good chance of nailing folks thay have either outstanding warrants or other larger problems. In this case, they ended up with 10% of the 'fish' bigger than expected.

I don't know what is in that area, but I don't think it's as heavily traveled as other places.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 10:57 PM on 29 May 2005