The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

31 May 2005

Behind the screens

One of the ongoing projects around here was to clean up the 1800 or so posts which were constructed in such a matter as to take advantage of various Internet Explorer quirks but which looked like hell, or at least like heck, in Firefox and other browsers which hew more closely to the W3C standards book. To my amazement, this is now actually mostly done; anything else that looks like hell is due to my own clumsiness, and not Microsoft's.

While reviewing all these posts, I shuffled some of them into different categories, so if you're wondering why the category counts have been way inconsistent of late, this is why.

And I revised the archives a bit: TrackBacks are now displayed inline, instead of in a pop-up box, on individual-archive pages. (Neither comments nor TrackBacks are displayed on category or monthly archives, which will be taken care of One Of These Days.)

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