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31 May 2005

Don't play that song

The San Francisco Chronicle was asking for songs "you'd love to never hear again."

Of course, were I to go into any sort of detail about my own musical bêtes noires, we'd be here all week.

In the meantime, what one recording is absolutely guaranteed to make you hit the button, the on/off switch, or the roof?

Posted at 8:20 PM to Tongue and Groove

"It Takes Two" by Donnie and Marie Osmond. It's the 70s. My two kid sisters just received a record player for Christmas, and one (count'em, one) record. Guess which one.

Posted by: Joe Goodwin at 8:47 PM on 31 May 2005

Joy to the World- Three Dog Night sucketh mightily

Posted by: paulsmos at 10:37 PM on 31 May 2005

"The Last Song" by Edward Bear. Waaaaay too syrupy sweet. Yuck!

Posted by: Jeffro at 1:58 AM on 1 June 2005

"Love Hurts" by Nazareth. Like driving a railroad spike through your own head with a tack hammer.

Posted by: Jeff Brokaw at 11:04 AM on 1 June 2005

Wannabe by the Spice Girls.


Posted by: aldahlia at 2:58 PM on 1 June 2005

All of the pop (except Stevie Wonder) and most of the radio rock from the early '70s. I was in several stores yesterday where the All The Hits From The Seventies station was on, and wondered how I survived the era. Now I remember that there was a station in Chicago back then which played classic country (yeah, country pop tended to suck those years too).

Posted by: triticale at 3:50 PM on 1 June 2005

That "boot in the ass" song by Toby Keith. Guaranteed to set me off.

Posted by: Chris at 4:48 PM on 1 June 2005

"You and Me Against the World" - It was popular when I was a child and my little kitten got smushed. I cried my eyes out then and I still cry everytime I hear that song...except now it turns my stomach. Hate it.

Posted by: Jan at 9:24 PM on 1 June 2005