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2 June 2005

Permanently grounded

Oklahoma City's Downtown Airpark, across the river from the west side of downtown, is apparently shutting down: the company's offices, on site and at the Clarence Page Airport on the city's far west side, have been closed after 58 years of boom and, more recently, bust.

For the time being, landings and takeoffs will continue, though neither maintenance nor fuel will be available on site.

This could be a blow to the ongoing development along the Oklahoma River, just to the north: access for general aviation could have been a major asset. On the other hand, the land itself might be worth more being used for something else.

Posted at 8:02 AM to City Scene

Just think about the possiblities. If one preserved the airstrip for eventual re-use as an airport, how about other uses? A first-class rec center with go-cart racing? Another extreme sport park? A track for sprinters and other track and field athletes? Another watersport storage/docking/rental facility (kayaks, canoes, amphibious vehicles)?

Or just screw the hangars, construct a resort where they are and leave the airstrips and greenspaces for recreational use?

Or build a community/campus around the airstrips, using them as pedestrian walkways?

The possibilities are endless.

Posted by: Nobody at 1:57 PM on 2 June 2005

that sucks...been there....hope they straighten it out.

Posted by: angel at 2:00 PM on 2 June 2005