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3 June 2005

Going for a Mas audience

Carolyne Mas and I go back a long way: I put up the very first fan page for her back in 1997, and she promptly called me to tell me what I'd gotten wrong, an early example of having my backside fact-checked.

Steve Burgh produced her first two albums for Mercury, a quarter-century ago; they met up again in 1999 and cut some sides, four of which turned up on her 2003 release, Beyond Mercury. (There must be something about that label; Graham Parker, once shut of them, recorded a single called "Mercury Poisoning.") When Burgh died this year, Mas decided to put out the remaining six tracks, which with the four previously-released items comprise Brand New World, just released on her Savage Juliet imprint.

You can get this disc from her Fan Club, or from CD Baby once they get stock. (There was an MP3 here briefly, but only just.)

Posted at 6:27 PM to Tongue and Groove

The mixdown engineer blew it badly. The singer's voice is almost lost in the sauce. I couldn't make out half the lyric and often even lost the vocal melody in the accompaniment.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 6:49 AM on 4 June 2005

I figured this was a conscious effort to replicate the sound of the 1980 LP Hold On, which is mixed similarly. Of course, the number of my readers who remember that album can probably be counted on one hand.

Then again, a wiser man than I once said that unreleased tracks were unreleased for a reason.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:43 AM on 4 June 2005