The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

6 June 2005

Starting rotation

Jon Ledecky's Big Train Holdco (named for Hall of Famer Walter "Big Train" Johnson, who pitched 21 seasons for the Washington Senators) is one of a number of groups seeking to buy the new Washington Nationals baseball club, currently owned by the other twenty-nine Major League Baseball teams and due to be sold this summer, perhaps for as much as $300 million. (MLB acquired the team, then the Montreal Expos, for $120 million in 2002.) One of the investors in BTH is leftist billionaire George Soros.

Should BTH prevail, the White House won't take the looming presence of Soros lying down, says Eric at Off Wing Opinion:

[L]ook for the White House to issue an order mandating that the President visit a different city every year to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

In alphabetical order.

Does Anaheim Los Angeles get to go first?

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