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6 June 2005

We want some plastic

Washington Mutual, the nation's largest S&L, has announced the acquisition of Providian Financial, one of the top ten card issuers, for $6.45 billion.

Providian is profitable these days, after a near-death experience brought on by massive defaults among its largely-subprime customer base and the company's own manipulation of payments to maximize late fees, which drew lawsuits. Forced into a corner, Providian shed most of its lower-quality accounts; they have also entered into partnerships with eBay and PayPal.

Washington Mutual, perhaps mindful that it has no experience running a credit-card operation, plans to leave the Providian apparatus largely in place; layoffs once the deal closes are unlikely.

Analysts are expecting more mergers in Plasticland, with huge MBNA and less-huge Metris believed to be in play.

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Providian sent me a pre-approved offer a few years ago. I sent it in. A few weeks later instead of a card I received a rejection notice!

Six months later they sent me another pre-approved offer. I shredded it.

Posted by: ms7168 at 6:33 AM on 7 June 2005