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8 June 2005

Books? We got some

How the mighty have fallen. Tony Blair comes to America with hat in hand and is sent away without even the hat; Jimmy Carter is reduced to pleading on behalf of the scuzzballs at Guantanamo; and, perhaps most startlingly, Francis W. Porretto passes on a meme. What is this world coming to?

Oh, well. To the business at hand:

1. The number of books I own.
It seems churlish actually to count them, but my best guess is 1100. (There are also about 1200 magazines around here, boxed, and not particularly neatly boxed at that.)

2. The last book I bought.
Kim du Toit's novel Vienna Days.

3. The last book I read.
Laurie Notaro's memoir (or whatever it is) We Thought You Would Be Prettier.

4. Five books that mean a lot to me.

  • Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle
  • H. Allen Smith, How to Write Without Knowing Nothing
  • Robert Townsend, Up the Organization: How to Stop the Corporation from Stifling People and Strangling Profits
  • Mark Twain, The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson
  • Meredith Willson, Eggs I Have Laid

Pick up on it if you like; I hate inflicting these things on people.

Posted at 11:23 AM to Screaming Memes

Oh hell, that reminds me...someone tagged me with that one last week and I STILL haven't done it...*sigh*

I am not going to count my books...I don't have 4 hours to spare. :) My mother insists that it is silly to keep books that I've read so many times.

I strongly disagree.
Your opinion?

Posted by: aka_monty at 12:37 AM on 10 June 2005

I have books I have read regularly since the 1960s.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:56 AM on 10 June 2005

I can't believe you said Dodie Smith.

I checked Dodie out just to make sure your Dodie
and my Dodie were the same Dodie.

Who ever would have thought that you liked Dodie and
I liked Dodie.

Oh. Oh. Oh.

Posted by: buddyhackett at 10:33 PM on 11 June 2005