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8 June 2005

At least one of these is medicinal

Macaulay Culkin, busted last year on I-44 near the Kelley Avenue exit, entered a guilty plea today to misdemeanor charges of possession of controlled substances — Xanax and marijuana — and was given a one-year deferred sentence on each of the two charges. Culkin also paid $940 in court costs.

Culkin and friend Brent Tabisel were driving to Los Angeles from New York — Tabisel was at the wheel of their rental car — when they were pulled over for doing 70 mph in a 60-mph zone (yeah, right) and making an improper lane change.

Posted at 4:18 PM to City Scene

Come on -- who doesn't speed on Oklahoma's Interstates? I know cops who make fun of you if you don't at least go 5 miles over the limit.

They just wanted to meet Mac, and who can blame them, after his bang-up performance in "Saved!"?

Posted by: Dr. Pants at 10:50 AM on 10 June 2005

At the location in question, doing 70 mph, even during rush hour, will get you run over.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:59 PM on 10 June 2005