The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

10 June 2005

We got your credo right here

Michele, I understand, loathes Bull Durham, so I am not inclined to quote Kevin Costner's too-often-quoted "I believe" spiel here.

On the other hand, I don't have any problem posting a rewrite of it, and here's a good one from Steph at The Song in My Head:

I believe ... that pizza cheese is the grossest smell on the planet. I believe that pickles are a very close second. I believe that Oklahoma University fans are fair weather fans, and that football is the very core of their very small and inconsiderate universes. I believe that summer is the worst season of them all. I believe that you should just leave me alone when I'm hot. I believe that you'll agree with that once you've been exposed to cranky me. I believe that painting a formerly purple room another color so it looks better as an office is really overrated. I believe purple will just have to do for now. I believe that I have the worst timing on the planet. I believe that the baseball season is not long enough. I believe that the basketball season is way too long. I believe that if people have kids, they should at least make the effort to acknowledge they are there. I believe that vacation cannot come soon enough. I believe that I better get back to work now, or vacation will come way sooner than I had hoped.

And yes, I tried this myself, way back in December 2000.

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