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13 June 2005

And speaking of music

Steve H. lists ten artists even more suitable for torturing enemy combatants than Christina Aguilera.

And one day, when he rules the world:

[C]hildren in public schools will be forced to listen to real music instead of songs about diversity and having two lesbian mommies. Maybe then we will see hacks like Prince working at Burger King, and B.B. King won't have to struggle to fill 2000-seat tents at state fairs.

Then again, even now wise parents will take their children to see B. B. King.

(Disclosure: I actually like Prince, or at least I did before he decided he wanted to be named after a melted household utensil. Maybe I have greater-than-average tolerance for horny five-foot-two-inch androgynous badasses.)

Posted at 9:49 AM to Tongue and Groove

Prince is taller than I suspected. I once heard him described as a "dwarf dipped in pubic hair." I always thought that was pretty accurate.

Posted by: Donna at 11:17 AM on 13 June 2005

I believe I speak for everyone here when I say "Ewwwwww..."

Posted by: CGHill at 12:23 PM on 13 June 2005

I don't care one way or the other about his onetime squeeze Vanity on the other hand....Wowowwowzer (Then again, that was over 20 years telling what she looks like now.)

Posted by: Guy S at 2:58 PM on 13 June 2005

I can only assume that he went to school a hundred years ago when they had music classes at school.

They don't really do those anymore.

Posted by: aldahlia at 3:45 PM on 13 June 2005

When I think of badasses, Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, and others come to mind, not Prince. Obviously, your threshhold for what defines a tough guy is very forgiving.

Posted by: Interested-Participant at 4:11 PM on 13 June 2005

Aldahlia, I had music classes and I went to school in the 70s; public school in Miami, Florida to boot. I don't know if it's true now, but at least up until 1980 (when I graduated high school) you had to have taken at least one music-oriented class to graduate. Steve's around my age, and from what he's written he spent at least part of his childhood in Miami, and went to school there -- though not in my school.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 10:17 PM on 13 June 2005

there's also the fact that the-artist-formerly-known-as-the-artist-formerly-known-as-prince can actually play the guitar, unlike the lip-synchin' know-nothings the pop industry usually churns out.

Posted by: hatless in hattiesburg at 2:55 AM on 14 June 2005

Steve H. seemes to be reading from the wrong "people its ok to mock" list. I so hate when that happens! I forget which crowd of "sophisticates" I'm preaching to and next thing I know, I realize I should have been making fun of Hollywood celebrities instead of effeminate rock stars.

And yes, Prince can play guitar, write songs and sing quite well, which disqualifies him for "cheap shots" in my book.

Posted by: bruce at 10:20 AM on 14 June 2005