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13 June 2005

Jackson pulls off one more moonwalk

Now do us all a favor and beat it, wouldja please?

(Details here.)

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O.J. Simpson
Robert Blake
Michael Jackson

Celebrity + Wealth = NO JUSTICE.

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 4:41 PM on 13 June 2005

Where are the rioting small boys emptying the Toys R Us of action figures and video games? I'll tell ya where, they're cringing in their basements, whispering their safety mantra "At least they caught Gacy, at least they caught Gacy, at least they caught Gacy."

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe Guy" at 5:12 PM on 13 June 2005

First of all, the prosecution put together one of the flimsiest cases in recent history. Besides, anybody who let their kid anywhere near that place had to be nuts to begin with. Michael Jackson is an ass, and he is a product of the epitome of dysfunctional families, but this case was a complete joke.

Posted by: Vickie at 8:30 PM on 13 June 2005

Vickie, Change his name to Michael Jones and make him any-guy-usa and I promise you the case would have been no joke. The fine points of the charges wouldn't have mattered. Kids come to your house and sleep in your bed? You admit it? See nothing wrong with it? CASE CLOSED. Prison doors slam shut. Keys are thrown away. But, alas, his name is Michael JACKSON.

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 8:36 PM on 13 June 2005

Mike, my point was that the prosecution went after him on charges of child molestation. Jackson admitted to SLEEPING IN THE SAME BED WITH THE KIDS. In his eyes he was SHARING a bed, sleeping with them. The mother of the kid was a complete nutbag and came across as such. The jury obviously found no evidence that Jackson committed any "lewd acts or child abduction." I'm not sitting here saying Jackson is some wide-eyed innocent. I already stated he's an ass from a totally dysfunctional mess of a family. Joe Jackson probably is 100% responsible for the mess that MJ has become and yet he's at his kid's side making like he's his saviour now. But it's more than apparent that the prosecution buried itself with this case in its particular charges.

Posted by: vickie at 9:27 PM on 13 June 2005

I may be a self confessed liberal Democrat on most social issues but when it comes to criminals I am an unabashed neocon. One can only hope that before death overtakes this worthless piece of human excrement his celebrity death spiral will be ever increasingly slow and painful. I want him to live to see his name thoroughly vilified beyond the ability of his money to shore it up.

Posted by: Ron at 8:48 AM on 14 June 2005

All I gotta say is, if any other 46-year-old man were found to be sleeping with children, his claims that it was all purely innocent because "he loves children" would not be taken as a reasonable doubt.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:44 AM on 14 June 2005

Kevin, good point.

Posted by: Vickie at 1:11 PM on 14 June 2005