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14 June 2005

Yet another drop-in (follow-up)

From this very site in August 2003:

KWEY-FM in Weatherford would seem to have it pretty good; they're the only FM in town, they pump out 100,000 watts all over western Oklahoma, and they've got an AM facility to boot.

So why would they want to make themselves over as a lowly 6,000-watt rimshooter in Blanchard?

The application is in, and it's even lowlier than I thought: the request is for 1,000 watts at 244 meters, about the same stick height as they have now. They're still short-spaced to KQOB (at 96.9; KWEY's application is for its existing 97.3 frequency) by about nine miles, though. (Translation: They don't meet the usual FCC spacing requirements for stations this close together on the dial, and must demonstrate to the Commission's satisfaction that there will be no excessive interference.)

The question remains: "Why?" Back then, I speculated: "I'm thinking that maybe they want to sell this station, and they don't think they'll get a buyer out there in Weatherford." I'm going with that until I have some reason to think otherwise.

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Posted at 6:22 AM to Overmodulation

My theory --- The Tri-City area (Blanchard, Newcastle, Tuttle + Bridge Creek's no-longer very rural sections) is growing like wildfire and is a big untapped market for a local community radio station.

Also folks really like their country music down there (I can say this because I grew up in newcastle)

Posted by: J. M. Branum at 7:49 PM on 16 June 2005

Well, I could go along with that; it's not like the big boys in The City are going to pay much attention to that part of the world.

I don't think it's particularly likely, but I'd consider it praiseworthy.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:32 PM on 16 June 2005