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18 June 2005

Needles and pins

Debra Galant, the Barista of Bloomfield Avenue, explains in a comment (scroll down to 16 June, 3:53 pm) to this post why she doesn't belong in the GOP:

First of all, I'm not rich enough. Second of all, I don't have Republican hair or a GOP wardrobe. I can't be a Republican woman: I refuse to wear pantyhose.

I understand most of that just fine, but pantyhose? When did those become a GOP trademark?

Then again, I know some Republican women with extremely nice legs, but, well, it is June, therefore making temperature a factor, and....

Hmmm. I'm going to have to give this a lot more thought, a prospect which bothers me hardly at all.

Posted at 8:37 AM to Political Science Fiction

Well I got through, and I never have any money and I haven't worn pantyhose in years. I guess now I'll get the notice in the mail that my membership has been revoked.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 2:24 PM on 18 June 2005

Well, dammit, the Republicans are just gonna have to consider doing away with that pointless dress code!

Posted by: McGehee at 3:58 PM on 19 June 2005