The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

18 June 2005

Vacations with a peel

James Joyner has his doubts about the reported increased demand for nude or clothing-optional recreation:

[T]here are 290-odd million Americans. How many of them are engaging in nude vacations is not mentioned in the report. The fact that they had to use a file photo [in the wire story] may be an indication that the trend is not so large after all.

I'm guessing it's bigger than he thinks, but not enough to be a true "trend"; those who partake are extremely enthusiastic, but converts to the cause are few and far between, and the willingness to set one's clothing aside around the house, or in the back yard, doesn't necessarily translate into a willingness to do so in front of the whole darn world already.

Still, it's an industry with its own specialists. The biggest question for now is whether younger folks will take to it; right now nude recreation is largely perceived as an activity for older people who just don't give a flip anymore.

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