The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

19 June 2005


A reminder from The Glittering Eye that slavery goes on, even today:

The first step is condemning slavery. Let's stop condoning or excusing people who practice slavery. We should be snubbing them not welcoming them into our homes. Even if it costs us a buck or two to take a stand. Let's stand behind our beliefs rather than knuckling under to tyrants. Microsoft and Yahoo, that means you.

Second, let's not make specious equivalences. Low wages isn't slavery. Being chained to your workbench or locked up at night to prevent escape is slavery. And, particularly, working for no wages and being physically and sexually abused is slavery. And it takes place today in Iran and Pakistan and China and Germany and Colorado and Florida and on every continent and in many countries. People who practice slavery may temporarily be our allies but they can't be our friends and we shouldn't put up with it.

There isn't anything I could add to that except a couple of links, and so I did.

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