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19 June 2005

You're my soul and my perspiration

Old Spice, which is probably not really spice but which is certainly old, has issued its annual Sweatiest Cities list, which is topped off by (what a surprise) Phoenix, Arizona.

Methodology, such as it is:

The rankings are based on the average U.S. male/female height/weight and the average high temperature for 2004 in each of the cities during June, July and August. The sweat level was analyzed based on the assumption that an individual was walking for one hour.

Given our hot summers and our tendency not to eat like supermodels, you'd think Oklahoma would place highly on this list, but Soonerland summers lately haven't been quite the sweatboxes of Dust Bowl days, and the best (worst?) we could do was a third of the way from the top, with Tulsa coming in at 32nd and Oklahoma City right behind at 33rd. (The entire list is here.)

I think I need a drink.

(Via Yeah, Right, Whatever, from #21.)

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Florida rules!

Um... yay?

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 2:09 PM on 19 June 2005

Yet again, my beloved adopted home of Montana is nowhere to be seen on that horrid list!

Posted by: david at 2:42 PM on 19 June 2005

Heat alone doesn't make a place sweaty. Believe it or not, you're less likely to get dehydrated on a 110-degree day in the desert than on a 90-degree day in humid Atlanta.

In the desert you sweat, it evaporates, you;re cooled off.

In Atlanta you sweat, it drips off and you aren't any cooler -- so you just keep sweating until the water's all gone.

Posted by: McGehee at 4:10 PM on 19 June 2005

Right now, it's 103 in Phoenix with a heat index of 97. (Bless you, 6-percent humidity.)

With a temperature of 90, you can hit a heat index of 97 with a mere 55-percent humidity. Drip city.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:22 PM on 19 June 2005

Granted, the dry heat is more tolerable and it's infinitely easier to cool. It is still hot though :( The last time I was in Arizona in the summer I noticed my skin was actually =sizzling= while out in the sun :(

Posted by: ms7168 at 9:55 AM on 20 June 2005

My quibble was about the indiscriminate application of the term "sweaty" to places that are merely hot. ;-)

Posted by: McGehee at 12:06 PM on 21 June 2005