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22 June 2005

Bedlam steel

Oklahoma State is the new Nebraska, says Berry Tramel:

It's sacrilege to Sooners fans, but OU-OSU has turned into a series worthy to fill the calendar void of the cherished Big Red rivalry.

OSU-OU is not OU-Nebraska in stakes. Not in significance. But in drama. In entertainment.

And that's something to be encouraged:

This is what an in-state rivalry should look like. Michigan [State] should have to fight and scratch against Michigan. Alabama should not walk over Auburn.

[insert Longhorn/Aggie and/or Jayhawk/Wildcat comparison here]

Norman will always sneer at Stillwater; the difference today is that Stillwater is in a position to sneer back.

Posted at 7:59 AM to Soonerland

Ohio State should have a tough time with... um... Bowling Green?

Posted by: Matt at 12:17 PM on 22 June 2005

Since I'm originally from Omaha, there's no doubt that I miss the yearly Husker-Sooner matchup. I recall exciting games, year after year. Formation of the Big 12 diluted the intense nature of football on the Great Plains.

The thrill is gone.

Posted by: Mike Pechar at 10:04 PM on 23 June 2005