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22 June 2005

Blue on blue

Heartburn on heartburn.

I mean, a live-action Smurfs movie?

This wasn't a good idea even when it was a good idea. In 2006 — assuming they could get it finished by then — it's just another indication that Hollywood is circling the drain.

Posted at 8:14 PM to Almost Yogurt , Your 15 Minutes Are Up

and i'm pretty sure it's a sign of the apocalypse...

Posted by: Greeblie at 10:15 PM on 22 June 2005

Hmm, what would be on the soundtrack? "Blue eyes crying in the rain"? "Don't it make your brown eyes Blue"? "Blue suede shoes"? "Blueberry Hill"?

What the Smuck were they thinking?

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 12:01 AM on 23 June 2005

no smurfin way.

Posted by: Joe at 9:04 AM on 23 June 2005

"Am I Blue?"

Posted by: McGehee at 11:27 AM on 23 June 2005