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23 June 2005

All news is local

Truth, poetry, and a hint of the future, courtesy of Lileks:

If I were king of the forest, and could remake the Daily Paper according to my whims, I'd make two changes. I'd confine the editorials to local matters, because no one cares what the Peoria Gleaner thinks about Sudan. Whereas an intensely local editorial section has a unique power; it's distributed and read by the people who can actually do something about the issues raised. Second, I'd flip the A and B sections. Newspapers can do the local issues like no other medium. Someone gets shot on the north side, and a southside blogger doesn't know it — unless he reads it in the paper.

Of course, there's always the possibility that the Daily Paper has its fingers in too many local pies, but that's a different issue entirely.

Posted at 7:12 AM to Almost Yogurt

Tell me about it. We recently had a vote locally about a school tax extension. No one who'd been here longer than an hour and a half could have any doubt where the local newspaper stood on it, and they were running letters to the editor agreeing with their position.

I submitted a letter taking the opposite view, and the editor e-mailed me back, giving me flak because, in stating my opinion, I didn't submit the equivalent of a graduate-school research paper with footnotes and specific examples.

I hadn't seen anything like that in any of the letters they had published agreeing with them.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:32 AM on 23 June 2005