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23 June 2005

For those keeping score

This site was established in 1996; at the time, it really couldn't be considered a blog. Updates were few and far between, except to the series of Vents, which rolled out more or less regularly four times a month. Not bad for a 'zine; not enough for a blog.

Daily bloggage on this site began on this date, five years ago; the first entry, unsurprisingly, was to announce the beginning of daily bloggage.

Comments, incidentally, were implemented in June 2002; Movable Type (then in version 2.21) was installed here in August 2002. (This is the first MT entry; Dave got the first comment, which began, of course, with a remark about comments.)

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You know, if the blogosphere were unionized, you'd have enough seniority to be shop steward. Or, maybe business agent.

Posted by: Mike Pechar at 8:52 PM on 23 June 2005


You mean — there are no ions?

No wonder I never get any kind of reaction. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:07 PM on 23 June 2005

I missed this yesterday! Wow, five years... Congratulations!

Posted by: Jay at 8:04 AM on 24 June 2005