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25 June 2005


While I wrestle with the question of whether state laws more restrictive than Connecticut's will prevent the sort of travesty that's taking place in New London — first guess is that they might, but developers tend to have deeper pockets than mere property owners, which probably means expensive litigation — McGehee has already jumped in with a proposed Constitutional amendment.

Frankly, I don't think that will wash; doesn't the Constitution already have a provision barring ex post fathead laws?

And The Downtown Guy points out a local angle here in Oklahoma City, which has cleared lots of old buildings over the years.

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Ah, but see -- it's not a retroactive penalty, it's simply a provision so that people who like unrestricted eminent domain can continue to have unrestricted eminent domain.

Nothing punitive about it -- we're just giving 'em what they want.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:14 PM on 25 June 2005