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26 June 2005

The bin Laden/Dr Phil dichotomy

Per Andrea Harris:

The modern ideal of romantic love has contributed more towards the destruction of Western society than any Islamofascist terrorist could even dream of. Poor Al Qaeda — if only they had turned their energies towards becoming screenwriters and pop song producers. Because after all, what could we do, go to war against love? If you thought the war on drugs was unpopular...

Unfortunately, this would mess up my plans (not yet approved by Darth Rove) for Gitmo, which call for the replacement of those horrid noises by Christina Aguilera with the far-more-wretched sounds of "Honey" and "(You're) Having My Baby," which would make the jihadis' ears bleed in three minutes flat.

"See the tree, how big it's grown...."

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Posted by: Andrea Harris at 9:12 AM on 26 June 2005

Well, I suppose we'd have to issue earplugs to the guards.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:19 AM on 26 June 2005

"And Honey, I miss you,
"And I'm bein' goo-oo-ooooodddd...."

And to think we remember Calvin Coolidge for his ability to pronounce "cow" in four syllables! But I digress.

Romantic love has a romantic history. However, that history is mostly one of song, story, and adultery. When marriages were taken seriously and were generally more successful, one didn't expect to marry for love. One expected to marry in the hope of love. But that sentiment will strike today's with-it, happenin' generation as intolerably retrogressive.

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Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 2:02 PM on 26 June 2005