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28 June 2005

Gratuitous grandchild photo

Laney Paige-Marie Hill, 26 months)When you're in love, the whole world is two-ish. This girl is apparently as camera-happy as a Congressman, and with a whole lot more justification. (And she doesn't know it yet, but some time next spring she's gonna be someone's big sister. I thought I warned my son about that sort of thing. Then again, I'm not particularly mindful of stuff like that either; if I had been — well, never mind. Don't go there. In fact, don't even acknowledge that there's a "there" there. If you must say something, remind my daughter that she, too, has a child, and she doesn't send me anywhere near as many pictures, hint, hint.)

Posted at 7:29 PM to Next Generation

She is absolutely beautiful. And she really does look, to me anyway, like her cousin did at that age.

(BTW, if my figures are correct, how is she going to be a big sister next spring? I mean even if she CONCEIVED yesterday, she wouldn't give birth till mid-March or so. How far along is she?)

Posted by: Vickie at 5:33 AM on 29 June 2005

I'm told February 28, which implies at least four or five weeks along.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:09 AM on 29 June 2005

Lucky you. What a cutie.

Posted by: punctilious at 4:24 PM on 29 June 2005